1. Book the gear you need by calling us 040 5840845 or by mail seura (at) kc.fi
    2. Pay the rental in advance:

      - bank account tranfer : IBAN FI47 8000 1370 6578 36, using the reference number 15105

      - cash to the person who is delivering the gear

      - Smartum voucher to the person who is delivering the gear

      Smartum saldo (internet payment)

      Sporttipassi (internet payment)


Rental time

Single kayak

(member / not member)

Open canoe/
double kayak

(member / not member)



(member / not member)

2 h

0 EUR / 15 EUR

0 EUR / 30 EUR



4 h

0 EUR / 25 EUR

0 EUR / 40 EUR



1 day

15 EUR / 35 EUR

20 EUR / 50 EUR


 25 EUR / 50 EUR

2 days

25 EUR / 60 EUR

30 EUR / 80 EUR



 additional day

 +7,50 EUR / +20 EUR

+15 EUR / +30 EUR



Note that the minimal rental fee is 30 EUR, which means that you will be charge at least 30 EUR. This minimum fee is not meant for K&C's members. The fees include paddle, spraydeck, buoyancy jacket and eventually helmet.
Only for K&C's members:
- short term use (less than one day) is free of charge, and you don't need to make a reservation. You have to be sure that the kayak(s) or canoe(s) you want are not reserved. You can check that on the reservation booklet in both boathouses.
- K&C's members get discount of all rental fees for their own use. You have to book the gear you want. It is not allowed to borrow gear for more than one day without booking!
- On K&C's organized tours lasting more than one day the rental fees are: 5 EUR/day for a single kayak and 10 EUR/day for a double kayak or a canoe.
Our canoes and kayaks are situated in two boathouses in Nokkala and Tukkisari. From Nokkala you can paddle on Oulujoki river and from Tukkisaari you can paddle in the delta of Oulujoki and go to the sea.
Tukkisaari on the map:


Tukkisaaren vaja
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Nokkalan veneilykeskus
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